08 July 2013 Independent Press Standards Organisation
14 June 2013 Lord Lester Slams Leveson Royal Charter – Index on Censorship
13 June 2013 NS President Summarises Six Major Local Press Concerns over State-Sponsored Royal Charter
13 June 2013 Free Arbitration Could Cost Local Papers Thousands of Pounds, MPs Told
06 June 2013 Sir Ray Tindle: ‘Press Regulation Must Not Add to the Burden on Local Papers’
6 June 2013 WAN-IFRA Calls on David Cameron to Withdraw Government Royal Charter
30 May 2013 Newspaper Publishers Across Europe Oppose Calls for EU Press Regulation
17 May 2013 EDITOR’S COMMENT: Tarring my newspaper with the same brush as the phone hackers is ridiculous
– Derbyshire Times
13 May 2013 Local Press Held to Ransom After Leveson, Say Editors
– The Times
12 May 2013 Police ‘Ordered to Slant Crime Data’ – Telegraph
9 May 2013 Industry Implementation Group Statement

9 May 2013 Newspaper Groups Unified Behind ‘softer’ Royal Charter
8 May 2013 BBC Let us Down over Leveson, Claims Former Radio 4 Journalist
– Guardian
7 May 2013 Local Publishers Confirm Support for Independent Royal Charter in Run-up to Local Newspaper Week
6 May 2013 Ministers Made a Poor Use of Parliament on Press Regulation
3 May 2013 World’s Press Backs UK Media Industry’s Self-Regulatory Proposal
2 May 2013 Royal Charter: Regional and Scottish Press Reaction

2 May 2013 How Hacked Off is stifling Press law debate, by senior Tory John Whittingdale
2 May 2013 Responding to Hacked Off
1 May 2013 Royal Charter for Independent Self Regulation of the Press Formally Submitted to Privy Council
30 Apr 2013 Royal Charter for Independent Self Regulation of the Press Formally Submitted to Privy Council
30 Apr 2013 Press Regulation : Letter from Lord Wakeham
– The Telegraph
30 Apr 2013 Newspaper industry’s regulation plan deserves fair hearing
– The Telegraph
30 Apr 2013 Newspaper industry’s regulation plan deserves fair hearing
– The Telegraph
25 Apr 2013 An independent Royal Charter would ensure press regulation that was robust and independent but still voluntary and consistent with a free press
– The Times
25 Apr 2013 The key to a fair and free press is the difference between two Royal Charters
– The Mirror
25 Apr 2013 A new Charter
– The Sun
25 Apr 2013 A truly independent regulator of the Press
– The Daily Mail
25 Apr 2013 Self-regulation that is tough but independent
– The Telegraph
25 Apr 2013 Newspaper and magazine publishers apply for Royal Charter on press regulation to implement Leveson recommendationst
18 Mar 2013 NS President Statement on Royal Charter Cross-Party Agreement
15 Mar 2013 NS Urges Clegg and Miliband: Don’t Ignore the Local Press on Leveson
14 Mar 2013 Industry Response to Leveson Developments
25 Feb 2013 Peter Preston: ‘Leveson Sees Journalism as an Exercise in Providing Cases for the Courts to Examine’
17 Feb 2013 We Will All Lose if Papers are Wrapped Up in Chains
14 Feb 2013 Leveson and a Gag on Whistleblowers
03 Feb 2013 After the Hutton Inquiry, How Can Any Broadcaster Claim to be Free?
22 Jan 2013 EU Officials Hope to Use Leveson’s Proposals to Ensure British Press Promotes ‘European Values’
15 Jan 2013 Hacked Off’s Proposed Bill Would ‘Substantially Undermine Press Freedom’, Say MPs
10 Jan 2013 Leveson: Lord Hunt Meets Publishers and Editors
09 Jan 2013 Toby Young: The Enemies of Press Freedom Should Stop Handing out Prizes in the Name of George Orwell
08 Jan 2013 Kirsty Hughes, Index on Censorship: Reject Press Laws
08 Jan 2013 Leveson Failed to Learn from Credit Crisis
08 Jan 2013 How Investigative Journalism ‘Could be Harmed by Leveson’, says Information Commissioner
02 Jan 2013 Sir Christopher Meyer: Leveson’s Fatal Contradiction
31 Dec 2012 Leveson ‘Will Have Chilling Effect on Journalism’
20 Dec 2012 Cross-industry Group Meets Lord Hunt to Take Forward Leveson Principles
15 Dec 2012 Finucane Case Shows the Troubles with Leveson Report
14 Dec 2012 Leveson: Newspaper and Magazine Publishers Respond to Government
13 Dec 2012 Lord Hunt Presses Ahead with Industry Plans for New Self-Regulatory System
12 Dec 2012 Maria Miller’s Adviser Reminds us Why Politicians Can’t be Trusted with Press Regulation
10 Dec 2012 Council of Europe Warns on Leveson plan
09 Dec 2012 Peter Preston: State Media Regulation? Ask the Reporters in Turkey’s Jails How it Works
06 Dec 2012 Editors Agree on New Regulation System for Press
06 Dec 2012 Local Press is Central to Achieving an Industry Solution on Leveson
05 Dec 2012 Lord Black: The Press Will Now Move With the ‘Utmost Speed’ to Embrace the ‘Leveson Principles’
04 Dec 2012 David Ottewell: Public Doesn’t Want Law to Control Press
02 Dec 2012 Leveson Report: Compulsory Press Regulation ‘Illegal’
02 Dec 2012 Chakrabarti Backs Cameron as Leveson Panel Splits
02 Dec 2012 Peter Preston: Leveson – an Elephantine, Sloppy Exercise in Cut-and-Paste
02 Dec 2012 The Scandal that State Control Would Have Buried
30 Nov 2012 Simon Jenkins: Cameron is Right About Leveson. This is a Rubicon we Must not Cross
30 Nov 2012 Ian Hislop: Why Should I Answer to David Cameron? Leveson Said Much that Was Sensible – and Much that Wasn’t
30 Nov 2012 We’re Responsible to All Our Readers
30 Nov 2012 The Inquiry Has Succeeded in Many Ways, But a Press Law Would Not Be Right in Principle and is Not Needed
30 Nov 2012 NS President Welcomes Prime Minister’s Rejection of Leveson’s Statutory Backstop Proposals
29 Nov 2012

Adrian Jeakings : A free press cannot be free if it is dependent on and accountable to a regulatory body recognized by the state

“The UK’s local media had nothing to do with the phone hacking scandal which prompted the Leveson Inquiry but we have been all too aware that hundreds of responsible regional and local newspapers would inevitably be caught up in any resulting new system of press regulation.

We therefore welcome the Leveson Report’s praise for the important social and democratic role played by the local press, his acknowledgement that the criticisms of the culture, practices and ethics of the press raised in this inquiry were not directed at local newspapers and his recommendation that the regulatory model he proposes should not provide an added burden to our sector.

However, local newspapers have always been vehemently opposed to any form of statutory involvement or underpinning in the regulation of the press, including the oversight by Ofcom proposed in the report. This would impose an unacceptable regulatory burden on the industry, potentially inhibiting freedom of speech and the freedom to publish.

We believe the industry is in a position to establish the sort of tough new system of independent, accountable press regulation with the power to investigate wrongdoing and levy fines, envisaged by the report. All major news publishers – and some internet news providers – have indicated they will join such a system provided there is no statutory backstop. In practice, this independent self-regulatory system would almost certainly be stronger and more effective than any statutory model could ever be and could be put into place very quickly.

Newspapers are ultimately accountable to their readers and must abide by the laws of the land. But, as the Prime Minister has today acknowledged, a free press cannot be free if it is dependent on and accountable to a regulatory body recognized by the state.”

Adrian Jeakings, president of the Newspaper Society and chief executive of Archant

29 Nov 2012

Initial reaction to publication of Leveson Inquiry from the Free Speech Network :

“Lord Justice Leveson has issued a challenge to the press to establish a new, tough system of regulation. I believe that the plan that the industry has put forward goes a long way to meeting that challenge. In those areas where the report expresses concern – such as independence and appointments procedures – we will study his proposals and I believe respond positively. However, there is no need to subject the new regulatory body to the statutory regime of OFCOM in order to achieve this. Any form of statutory press control in a free society is fraught with danger, totally impractical and would take far too long to implement.”

Lord Black of Brentwood, Chairman of the Press Standards Board of Finance

28 Nov 2012 CEO of News international, Tom Mockridge says press regulation requires ‘fundamental change’
28 Nov 2012 Sun Editory Dominic Mohan, warned he finds the idea of a state regulated press is terrifying.
28 Nov 2012 Sir David Frost: Once You Take Away the Freedom of the Press, it’s Very Difficult to get Back
28 Nov 2012 Leader: The Spectator Won’t be Part of a State Licensed Media
28 Nov 2012 Northern Press and the Leveson Inquiry
27 Nov 2012 Bullies and the Need for a Free Press
27 Nov 2012 Leveson Report: State Regulation is ‘Greatest Threat to Newspapers in 300 years’, Say Conservative MPs
27 Nov 2012 Two Bucks MPs Rally to Defence of a Free Press Ahead of Leveson Inquiry Report
27 Nov 2012 No Guarantee that Leveson Recommendations will be Applied in Scotland
26 Nov 2012 Peter Barron: Why We Must Protect Press Freedom
26 Nov 2012 William Hague: You Have to Err on the Side of Press Freedom
26 Nov 2012 Lib Dem Deputy Opposed to Statutory Regulation of Press
25 Nov 2012 For 300 Years the British People have Fought – and Died – to Keep a Free Press. This Week our Prime Minister Must not Betray Them
24 Nov 2012 Owen Paterson Backs Call on Freedom of Press
24 Nov 2012 David Blunkett Warns MPs Against Regulating the Press
23 Nov 2012 Nick Pickles: A Pro-Business Party of Law and Order Should Reject Statutory Regulation of the Press
23 Nov 2012 Index on Censorship Issues Free Speech Warning for UK
22 Nov 2012 Ian Murray: I Wonder what the Mayans Would Have Done with Tabloid Editors?
21 Nov 2012 Jim Chisholm: Post-Leveson Legislation Poses Threat to Press Freedom
18 Nov 2012 Poll Shows Little Support for State Regulation of the Press
15 Nov 2012 Unfair Regulations on Regional Press
15 Nov 2012 State-run Watchdog ‘Will Gag Free Press’
14 Nov 2012 Raymond Snoddy: Shoddy Journalism and an Unrestrained Twitter
13 Nov 2012 John Whittingdale: Give Press One Last Chance to Regulate Themselves
13 Nov 2012 Leveson: Over the Regulatory Cliff?
13 Nov 2012 MP David Davis ‘Firmly Against’ Newspaper Watchdog
12 Nov 2012 State Regulation Did Nothing to Prevent this Smearing of an Innocent Man – But a Free Press Exposed it
12 Nov 2012 PCC Chief Lord Hunt of Wirral Warns on Orwellian Law
11 Nov 2012 As Lord Justice Leveson Ponders, the World of Media is in Chaos
09 Nov 2012 Leveson Inquiry: A Free Press is in the Public Interest
09 Nov 2012 SoE Director Warns that ‘Relentless Lobbying’ Threatens to Undermine the Leveson Report
09 Nov 2012 You Can’t be a Little Bit Pregnant. Either Britain Has a Press Entirely Free from the Government or it Doesn’t
09 Nov 2012 ‘Is Britain the Only Country in the World Where Journalists are Campaigning for State Interference?’ says Society Director
08 Nov 2012 Defending the Press as an Unruly Mess
07 Nov 2012 Keep the Press Free: The Attitude of the National Union of Journalists Over Press Reform Will Alarm Many of its Members
07 Nov 2012 MP’s Attack on C4 Over Hugh Grant’s Leveson Documentary
06 Nov 2012 Journos’ Outrage at NUJ’s Backing of Government Press Control
06 Nov 2012 John Whittingdale: Second Part of Leveson Inquiry May Never Take Place
05 Nov 2012 Press Gazette Poll Suggests Majority Are Opposed to NUJ Leadership Stance on Statutory-backed Press Regulation
04 Nov 2012 Mail on Sunday Comment: Why the PM’s Texts Had to Be Revealed
04 Nov 2012 Leveson: The Grass Wouldn’t Be Much Greener With an Irish-style Ombudsman
03 Nov 2012 Critics Fear MPs’ Plan to Call Leveson Could Turn into Televised ‘Grilling’
02 Nov 2012 Statutory Regulation of the Press is Based on a False Premise, Says Media Lawyer
02 Nov 2012 The Global War on Free Speech
02 Nov 2012 Leveson Inquiry: Prejudging the Judge
01 Nov 2012 What the Papers Won’t Say
01 Nov 2012 Whose Freedom? Whose Press?
31 Oct 2012 Ed’s in Trouble with Leveson
30 Oct 2012 Leveson Report Delayed Until Late November
30 Oct 2012 FT: Industry Plan for Reformed System of Self Regulation Needs Tweaking But is Basically Sound
30 Oct 2012 Leveson Inquiry: New Laws ‘Would Not Have Stopped Topless Kate Middleton Pictures’
30 Oct 2012 We Must Not Compromise Freedom of the Press
30 Oct 2012 Leveson, the British Media and the Law
30 Oct 2012 Press Curbs Would Not Have Stopped the Topless Kate or Naked Harry Photos, Says Former BBC Chairman Grade
29 Oct 2012 A Journalist Jailed for Exposing Tax Cheats – Don’t Kid Yourself It Couldn’t Happen Here
29 Oct 2012 Leveson Can’t Stop Naked Pictures of Prince Harry and Kate Being Published, Warns Former BBC Chairman Michael Grade
29 Oct 2012 Do Not Muzzle Our Free Press: Eric Pickles Defies PM and Speaks Out Over Leveson Report
29 Oct 2012 Boris Johnson: Newspapers Are Worth Fighting For – Even When They’re Wrong
29 Oct 2012 Press Must Never Come Under State Control
28 Oct 2012 Leveson: Minister Opposes Tough Press Laws
28 Oct 2012 Labour’s Harriet Harman Demands Media Regulation
28 Oct 2012 Statute of Any Kind Spells the End of a Free Press
27 Oct 2012 Liberty: A Noble Cause in Need of Dirty Hands
26 Oct 2012 Leveson to Recommend ‘Light Touch’ Press Regulation
26 Oct 2012 Lord Black Lauds Press Self-regulation Ahead of Leveson Report
26 Oct 2012 Why Press Gazette is Backing Campaign Against Statutory Regulation of the Press
26 Oct 2012 London Mayor Boris Johnson Says Yes to Free Speech
26 Oct 2012 Britain’s vibrant Press Must Not Be Curbed Says Boris: Top Tories Warn PM Against State Regulation
25 Oct 2012 The Threat to Press Freedom
25 Oct 2012 We Must Not Compromise Freedom of Press
25 Oct 2012 Boris Johnson: We’ve Got to Fight to Keep Our Free Press
25 Oct 2012 Tindle Warns of ‘Biggest Threat to Free Press in 65 Years’
25 Oct 2012 Tindle: Statutory Regulation Is ‘Worst Threat I Have Known in My 65 Years of Active Service in Newspapers’
25 Oct 2012 Boris Johnson: We Must Fight to Keep the Press Free
25 Oct 2012 M.E.N Editor Rob Irvine: Why Press Must Stay Free to Be A Nuisance
25 Oct 2012 Britain’s Press Must Remain Free
25 Oct 2012 Tough. Independent. And Free. A New System of Regulation for Newspapers, Magazines, and Internet News Providers
25 Oct 2012 What is Wrong With Statute
23 Oct 2012 Newspaper Society Opposes Any State Role in Press Regulation
22 Oct 2012 In Defence of the Tabloids: ‘Every big story involves some underhand tactics’
20 Oct 2012 Publishers Form Free Speech Network to Fight Off Statutory Press Regulation
20 Oct 2012 A Free Society Needs a Free Press
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17 Oct 2012 Leveson Poses a Risk to the Responsible Media
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17 Oct 2012 Fears Press Curbs Would Risk Freedom
17 Oct 2012 Mum Praises Daily Mail for ‘Non-Stop’ Support as Gary McKinnon Wins Fight Against Extradition
14 Oct 2012 David Newell: Why You Cannot Have a Little Bit of Statute
13 Oct 2012 Leveson Could Find a Draconian Solution to Press Regulation in Ireland
10 Oct 2012 David Newell: Your Freedom to Publish
09 Oct 2012 Liverpool Echo Editor Warns of Dangers of Statutory Regulation
26 Sep 2012 Transcript of the Lord Chief Justice’s Annual Press Conference 2012
22 Sep 2012 Making Trouble is the Greatest Press Freedom of All
15 Sep 2012 Burn the Tabloids – And Our Freedom is Next
05 Sep 2012 Leveson: Drawing up the Battlelines
13 Jan 2012 Levson Inquiry: Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press – Submission of the Newspaper Society
18 Oct 2011 Lord Chief Justice’s Speech on Press Regulation – Full Text